Sunday, 13 March 2016

Sundress remake and re-model- sewing experiment

 Quick update on a ''Fransa'' sun-dress bought a few years ago in a sale when the Fransa shop locally closed. It was comfy and cotton and lovely colours but a bit too short.

I spent ages trying to find a fine turquoise crochet yarn and started a number of crochet edgings but it needed over 4 metres and all the options I tried did not look so good.
I also tried a white lace crochet border and even a purple polka dot cotton fabric.
The white was too stark and the purple too dark and dominant.

Finally I found a turquoise polka dot cotton, that went well with the florals.
Rather than just add a frill at the hem I thought I would integrate it and added a middle section, then some trims on bodice and waist , a bow for the elasticated back and a very frilly kick-out frill at the hem.

It's worked out really well. Is looking amazing and fits much better.
And it's really long now so I won;t need tights under for dances and in summer it will be wonderful on hot sunny days.

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