Saturday, 6 June 2015

Almost famous for a few seconds...

 I had an invitation to celebrate Oxford Brookes University 150th birthday on 22nd May and I attended with gladness. Managed to park nearby so I has two hours to attend the play and the lunch.
But what a surprise there were photos in costume to be taken too! What fun!

 And the play about the history of the College which started as a college of Art and then became a technical college before  morphing onto a polytechnic and finally in 1992 transforming into a University. I'd had no idea and it was a very entertaining play.

 At lunch they even catered for vegetarians , I enjoyed a veggie burger and a lovely chat to a fellow student. We were even given a lovely choice of ice-cream for dessert!

 After the photography session we - the last in line being photographed- were approached by BBC tv crew and asked if we were willing to be interviewed and filmed and of course we said YES!
There were the three of us: an undergraduate art student, a recently graduated chap and myself: representing the postgraduate students. 
We were asked what was good about studying at Brookes and I told of the excellent support, the resources and the library databases which give access to so many journals for research. Also to supportive and knowledgeable tutors and excellent facilities. Finally I was asked what the 150th birthday meant to me- other than a free lunch- and I cam up with something inane such as a sense of tradition and history .... And THAT's the only bit they kept! They cut the good stuff about post graduate study at Brookes.
But I did get my few seconds of ''fame'' , live on TV and BBC1 no less! On the news in Oxford Today:

Here's the link to a video of the news on Youtube as it is too long and large to save into this post, it was rejected by Blogger.

WOW what a day that was... even if I sound and look, well shall we say not as I had hoped or imagined?

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