Monday, 8 September 2014

Shawl finished!

 Quick demonstration of the size and the drape and all photos taken by hubbie who complained bitterly all the time...
It's achieved a  huge ''wingspan'' with the extra rows and increases and is still very light but soft and toasty.
 My arms are 155 cm from hand to hand so it's a bit bigger than that at the top end?

 At the front it doesn't meet unless you drape and fold over a shawl collar effect at the neckline.
It drapes over the shoulder and then down along the side of the body.

 The shawl collar effect is also nice and could be worn with a coat?

And here are some shots of the shawl itself, solo as it were but don;t look too closely as I did make a mistake when I was adding extra rows and it's not quite symmetrical...
I ordered and extra ball of the blue blue colourway and it was very different but I think it adds a nice bit of ''weight'' to the border at the hem?
Loving those pineapples! 
 And the triangle parts in between too.

Last look at the pineapple in striped form, the shawl was wrapped and given to Sister for her 50 year Golden Jubilee and she's renewing her vows this coming Sunday . Such a wonderful person and a great gift to music, the church and the community.

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