Friday, 27 June 2014

Hot sunny days of summer and Bournemouth/Sandbanks visit

 The above image creeps into your mind when the sun shines hot in England doesn't it?
 Being in Oxfordshire it was far far from the sea but very hot and the dogs were sunbathing.
 Miss E studies in her room for those pesky GCSEs and Miss Y  does homework in the garden.
 I had a great many work  visits to hot clammy London but the one below was fantastic: The London Healthy Schools Awards and the view over the Thames was amazing...It was also a really energetic and inspiring event so actually I hardly noticed it most of the time!
 Then JJ decided a visit to the sea was imperative at the weekend and the girls chose Bournemouth...
 But they were so not impressed with this that we travelled onwards and found Sandbanks much more to our liking!
 One one side the harbour....

 And the other side the SEA!

 I missed the dogs though as JJ doesn't allow them in his (new) car?
Remembering last Easter when we went to Bridgeport and the coastline there?
Over to the right and round the corner of that cliff in the photo.

 Hours of fun paddling and collecting shells.

 Loved this rusty chain for a textiles project? And the textured sand patterns too.

When we were hungry we found a lovely restaurant at the harbour side...

 JJ relaxed and happierthan many a long day with his 'French Martini'' and delicious it was too.

 Time to go home, Bye bye white cliffs of the Isle of Wight?

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