Sunday, 29 May 2011

Almost a rambling walk...

Can you see the chutch tower? That's Oving that is. This is the walk that wasn't. A walk that is. Mainly a few minutes stroll.
Plan was to go for a ''proper'' ramble on Saturday as Miss Y who positively hates walking is at Guide -camp for the weekend. Miss E agreed to come and choose a 6 mile walk from the book below.

Now once in the car I realised I'd bought this in 1997, so it's a bit ancient and dates from the days- BC- BEFORE CHILDREN when we could do what we wished when we wished to do it. Ie country walks were possible. But we set off at 2pm on 28th May in the car to North Marston- via Quainton, because JJ had not listened to the instructions...It rained on the way and we almost turned back because Miss E had decided to come in a dashing Jack Wills coat and yellow converse boots rather than an anorak and hiking boots and JJ also was without a hood or coat.

Though we did both have the required rucksacks and maps.

After finding the start of the walk and crossing 2 fields we got to HERE and Miss E spies cows in the next field and thta was IT. Had to cease and turn back. After consuming choc chip cookie of course

Have to say it was fun because what little walking we did , we also laughed a lot and giggled and chatted a lot of silly nonsense.FUN.

We met a gent who told us Limoges cows with calf would attack us if we walked by with dogs. But we did not know if the cows in question were limoges... So we walked back to see lambs and shorn sheep again.

They ran when they saw dogs- even on leads.

Watching horses.

So much for my getting fiot enough to join the ramblers for 8 mile walks on Sundays....

We went to see the well.

Planned walk.

We made it to here.About a half mile or so? Pub was closed on our return alas so we were home again at 4pm.

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