Saturday, 6 February 2010

February fun with much baking.

The pizza made with a pampered chef recipe on my new stoneware round with handles...: JJ said it was the best one he'd eaten in years.....
Then I also played with another new toy: a pampered chef mini muffin pan and made mini tartlets as below: cranberry and port mincemeat ones and cadbury caramel topped with a white malteser ones....
These got 10 or even 100 ( lol) out of 10 so here's the quick and easy recipe:
Take one of the 2 sheets of a room temperature pack of Jus Roll ( or your own homemade) shortcrust pastry and roll out thinly: cut 20 circles with a mug of about a 7cm diameter and push into cup shapes in any muffin type pan you may have or mould on a baking sheet by hand.
Bake blind with ceramic baking beans for 12 minutes at 180 C in a fan oven or 200 C in a non convection oven.
SEE? These are some blind ones( for the chocolate) some with mincemeat and some with snippets of bacon, an olive and some feta cheese.

After the 12 minutes, remove to a safe place and remove the baking beans.
Fill cooked cups with either a rolo each OR a segment of a cadbury caramel bar.
Return to oven for 6 minutes only.
When they come out again top the melted rolo with a white chocolate button and in the centre of that place a chocolate covered raisin or a chocolate chip.
On the melted cadbury caramel; place a white malteser.
Let cool until safe to eat and ENJOY!!! Very popular with my kids, husband and friends.
OOOh scary ''scream face''.
Then todays desert was the amazing 6 minute microwaved mini chocolate pudding with hot chocolate sauce: yummy yum yums.
It's amazing what you can do with chocolate cake mix in a small glass pudding pot in the microwave! Recipe to follow later in February and I haven't forgotten the pear tart either!
This came this week and 2 of my patterns were in it so I was really chuffed, I just hope they'll get a good reception with the subscribers and the public.
This looks so nice on this lady! It was really warm and cosy and would have been useful in all that snowy weather.
This was ,eant for a secondary school girl, it's a bit too big for this little one and I still do not like the colours!
THIS is what I have been working on and all that brown in sooo many rows is taking a while but the compensation is that Miss Y absolutely LOVES it and it really suits her too.
Must get it finished while we still have such COLD weather. The colour tabs are there so I can remember where I shaped it for when I write up the pattern!
Hope I can sell the pattern one day,fingers crossed.
Cheerio hope to see you again soon when I shall have more recipes and maybe some inspiration or crochet to share.
Take care till then.
x MS

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